Wine Lands Cares


“Wine Lands Cares” is the Community and Development branch of the Wine Lands Cycling Club, providing meaningful support to grassroot organisations and individuals in the Winelands region, using cycling as a tool for transformation and social change.





We aim to accomplish this by:

  • Providing financial, technical and logistical support to enable them to run their programmes and activities.
  • Collaborating with like-minded organisations in the Wine Lands Regional Network, who share our vision and values.
  • Collaborating within the Wine Lands network to grow and support earmarked organisations and individuals that have shown great potential and impact.
  • Encouraging and promoting cycling as a form of transport amongst the WLCC community, who can benefit from the environmental, economic and social advantages of cycling.

Examples of initiatives we support are:

Blue Sky Cycling Academy: Uplifting youth from local disadvantaged communities, using cycling as a tool for transformation. In communities engulfed with various social challenges, such as unemployment, crime, addiction, child-headed households, and teenage pregnancies, Blue Sky offers youth a healthy alternative and holistic support.

Edunova: “The Raithby Project” is an initiative aimed at empowering students and teachers with the seamless integration of technology in education. The project’s primary focus lies in Raithby Primary School and Vlottenburg Primary School, where the goal is to foster a technology-driven learning environment and equip educators with the necessary skills to harness the potential of technology in their classrooms.

Pedal Project: To develop and support at-risk young people through mountain biking. This physical activity in the natural environment, paired with mental and emotional development opportunities, encourages the formation of positive values, healthy habits and creates resilient young people, both on and off the bike.

Holy Tubes: Giving purpose to your unfortunate punctures! Cyclists are encouraged to donate unwanted parts, kit and punctured tubes, which the Blue Sky Cycling Academy repair and re-use. Donated kit is sorted and sold at their informal thrift shop at super low prices, which generates some income to support the team with bike maintenance, nutrition and race costs.

Apply for support from Wine Lands Cycling Club by completing this form and sending it to Kim at [email protected]. Or call Kim on +27 61 479 2496.

We invite you to join us in this journey of transformation. Whether you are a cyclist, a supporter, a donor or a partner, you can help us make a difference!


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