Permit Price Reductions

Membership Fees – Regional and Local boards

From August 1, there will be five months left of the calendar year 2023.

We know there are riders in our community, who may be new to riding, or new to our area, and wish to sign up as members.

Therefore, Wine Lands Cycling Club is offering a 40% discount on annual membership fees, for the remainder of 2023: August 1 – December 31, 2023.

The fees are: 

Regional Membership (access to all Wine Lands Trails):

Adult Full Year: R1 800,00

Adult August 1 – December 31 @ less 40%: R1 080,00

Juniors & Seniors Full Year: R1 400,00

Juniors & Seniors August 1-December 31 @ less 40%: R840,00

Local Membership (access to Wine Lands Trails South):

Adult Full Year: R900,00

Adults August 1 – December 31 @ less 40%: R540,00

Junior Full Year: R450, 00

Junior August 1 – December 31 @ less 40%: R270,00

Senior Full Year: R700,00

Senior August 1 – December 31 @ less 40%: R420,00

For more information, see the websites above, or email: [email protected]

Welcome, in advance, to new members signing up – or previous members who are back on their bikes!

Local Membership (access to Wine Lands Trails North):

Adult Full Year: R1200,00 | Adults July 1 – December 31 @ R700,00

Junior Full Year: R450,00 | Junior July 1 – December 31 @ R400,00

Students & Seniors Full Year: R950,00 | Students & Senior July 1 – December 31 @ less 40%: R650

Wine Lands Trails is an initiative between Wine Lands Cycling Club, Paarl Trails, Banhoek Conservancy, Wellington (Wild Boar) Trails, Franschhoek Trails, Elgin Valley Trails, Bottelary Hills Conservancy, MTO and Stellenbosch Trail Fund to consolidate access to these trail networks under one regional permit.

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