Permit Collections

New to the Wine Lands Trails initiative or a bit rusty on how the permit collection process works? Here’s a quick run down on what, when, where and how.

After completing your application form following the selection of your permit type at, you will have the option to add another permit, anything else from the shop, or proceed to pay.

Once you have paid for your order, we assign you a permit number based on the next available number at your chosen collection location. You will receive a few mails:

1. Your order confirmation
2. An email from Payfast confirming your payment
3. An email from [email protected] with your details including the collection location and your assigned permit number

The email notice in three above will be required when your collect your permit. If you do not have it with you for whatever reason, you can access the details via the WhatsApp BOT.

UPDATE: All permit numbers collected with a mobile number can now be access via option 11 on the WhatsApp BOT.

Please make sure you have your permit number on hand when visiting a store to collect.

Need help? [email protected] or [email protected].

Wine Lands Trails is an initiative between Wine Lands Cycling Club, Paarl Trails, Banhoek Conservancy, Wellington (Wild Boar) Trails, Franschhoek Trails, Elgin Valley Trails, Bottelary Hills Conservancy, MTO and Stellenbosch Trail Fund to consolidate access to these trail networks under one regional permit.

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