Controlled Ecological Burn

Please note a Controlled Ecological Burn is planned for Spier for Monday and Tuesday 17 and 18 April.

The cycling route will be diverted along the 10km loop (i.e. you won’t be able to ride the loop past the flying club).  

Our recommendation would be to avoid the area completely for a period of 4 days as there will be a lot of smoke in the air and to give the fire team enough time and space to complete the burn and do the required “dampening down” afterwards.

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Wine Lands Trails is an initiative between Wine Lands Cycling Club, Paarl Trails, Banhoek Conservancy, Wellington (Wild Boar) Trails, Franschhoek Trails, Elgin Valley Trails, Bottelary Hills Conservancy, MTO and Stellenbosch Trail Fund to consolidate access to these trail networks under one regional permit.

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Please note!