Cape Epic 2023 Routes

As the greater Wine Lands Trails network, we are dependent on our generous land-owners that allow us access to the trails on their properties.

To ensure that we retain our privilege of riding some of the best trails in the world, on countless sections of private land, we have to respect the land-owners’ wishes and stick to the designated trails that have been laid out. 

In the most recent land owner complaint to the club, it has been noted that some riders are following temporary signage installed for the Cape Epic and not sticking to the regular markers. We understand the desire to ride these routes, but unfortunately you are not allowed to follow these markers.  Riding the Epic route (outside of competitors on actual race day) will be treated as trespassing and will be dealt with accordingly.  Please do not risk compromising your membership, and all members’ use of private land, by not sticking to the rules.

The Epic has arranged special permission with the land-owners to use their set out route and we would not want this compromised in any way either.

Please respect the rules and stick to the permanently marked trails only and keep in mind that your safety and that of other members is extremely important and not following the rules may put you (and other members) at risk of serious injury, or worse (over and above your membership board being revoked).

Thank you to all members for honouring this important message.

Wine Lands Trails is an initiative between Wine Lands Cycling Club, Paarl Trails, Banhoek Conservancy, Wellington (Wild Boar) Trails, Franschhoek Trails, Elgin Valley Trails, Bottelary Hills Conservancy, MTO and Stellenbosch Trail Fund to consolidate access to these trail networks under one regional permit.

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